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“Listen to Waylon Jennings’ Electrifying Performance of ‘Amanda’ Live from Austin, TX!”

“Amanda” is a song written by Bob McDill and originally recorded by Don Williams in 1973. However, it was Waylon Jennings’ version that became the most well-known.

Jennings’ recording of “Amanda” was released in 1974 as a single from his album “The Ramblin’ Man.” The song became one of Jennings’ biggest hits, reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and becoming a staple of his live performances.

The lyrics speak to the power of love and devotion, with lines such as “I’ve held it all inward, God knows I’ve tried / But it’s an awful awakening in a country boy’s life / To look in the mirror in total surprise / At the hair on your shoulders and the age in your eyes.”

While there may not be an official release of an expanded version of “Amanda,” the song remains a classic example of Jennings’ outlaw country style and his ability to infuse emotional depth into his music. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the lasting impact that Jennings had on the world of country music.

Legend in his time.,

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