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The Haggard sons carry on their late Father’s legacy with great voices as the “Sons of Merle.”

“The Runnin’ Kind” and “I’m A Lonesome Fugitive” are two classic country songs that were made famous by the legendary Merle Haggard. However, in a special performance, his sons Noel Haggard and Ben Haggard paid tribute to their father by performing their own versions of these iconic tunes.

Noel and Ben are both accomplished musicians in their own right, having followed in their father’s footsteps to pursue careers in country music. In this performance, they showcase their musical talents and pay homage to their father’s legacy by performing two of his most beloved songs.

“The Runnin’ Kind” is a rollicking tune that captures the spirit of the American outlaw, while “I’m A Lonesome Fugitive” is a heartfelt ballad about a man who is on the run from the law. Both songs feature Haggard’s signature sound, with twangy guitars and mournful lyrics that speak to the struggles of working-class Americans.

Noel and Ben’s performances are a touching tribute to their father, who passed away in 2016. They bring their own unique styles to the songs, while staying true to the original versions that made them famous. Their voices blend together seamlessly, creating a harmony that is as powerful as it is beautiful.

As they sing, we can’t help but be transported back in time to the golden age of country music, when Merle Haggard was one of its brightest stars. Through the talent and passion of his sons, his music lives on, continuing to inspire new generations of fans.

Noel and Ben Haggard’s tribute to their father is a reminder of the enduring power of country music, and of the deep connections that exist between family, tradition, and art. It is a fitting tribute to a man who will always be remembered as one of the greatest country singers of all time.

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