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This Is The Only Song My Father Requested Me To Play At His Funeral. So I Made That Happen (Josh Turner)

“Long Black Train” is a hauntingly beautiful country song that was released by Josh Turner in 2003. The song tells the story of a mysterious black train that appears to people who have lost their way in life. The train is said to be headed for eternal damnation, and those who board it are never seen or heard from again. The lyrics of the song are rich with symbolism and biblical references, which give the song a timeless quality.

One of the reasons why “Long Black Train” has become such an iconic country song is the powerful vocals of Josh Turner. Turner has a deep, resonant voice that perfectly captures the gravity and intensity of the song’s message. His delivery is raw and emotional, and you can hear the pain and desperation in his voice as he sings about the dangers of the long black train.

Another reason why “Long Black Train” has stood the test of time is its universal appeal. The song speaks to the human condition and the struggles that we all face in life. It’s a reminder that there are forces at work beyond our understanding, and that we must remain vigilant and true to our beliefs if we hope to avoid being seduced by the long black train.

In conclusion, “Long Black Train” is a classic country song that continues to inspire and move people today. Its timeless message and powerful vocals have made it an enduring favorite among country music fans, and it’s likely to remain so for many years to come.

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