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Listening to him perform sends shivers down my spine; he’s the epitome of a true vocalist

Scotty McCreery’s debut single “I Love You This Big” received mixed reviews upon its release, following his win on Season 10 of “American Idol.” The song showcases McCreery’s deep, resonant voice, which belies his youthful age, and features tender, heartfelt lyrics that speak to a young and innocent perspective on love. Critics praised McCreery for his ability to convey emotion and connect with listeners through the song, noting its potential as a popular choice at weddings, especially in the South​​.

However, some reviewers felt the song was somewhat generic and lacked distinctiveness, likening it to a “second-rate rip-off” of similar themed songs. Despite this, there was a general consensus that McCreery possessed a strong voice and significant potential, with the understanding that “I Love You This Big” was more of a stepping stone in his career rather than a definitive hit.

The song’s reception suggested that McCreery would need time to find his unique artistic identity and material that fully leveraged his vocal strengths​​.

Commercially, “I Love You This Big” performed well, debuting at high positions on several charts, including the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot Country Songs. It eventually received Platinum certification from the RIAA, signifying substantial sales​​. This initial success demonstrated McCreery’s strong fan base and set the stage for his future in country music, even as critics awaited more mature and distinct work from the young artist.

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