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Looking Back at How Alabama’s “Angels Among Us” Moved Millions.

“Angels Among Us,” a beloved song by Alabama, was released in 1993 from their album “Cheap Seats” as a Christmas single. Its resonant message transcended the holiday season, leading to its year-round use in various tributes and occasions.

Lead singer Randy Owen shared in an interview the profound impact the song had, with hundreds of letters received from fans worldwide, expressing gratitude and describing the song as a blessing. Despite its emotional resonance, the song didn’t initially chart high, peaking only at No. 51 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart upon release and later reaching No. 22.

The song, written by Don Goodman and Becky Hobbs, is a poignant ballad that instills hope and peace in listeners. Its lyrics, “Oh, I believe there are Angels Among Us, sent down to us from somewhere up above,” reflect its uplifting message.

Becky Hobbs’ inspiration for the song came from a near-fatal incident and subsequent premonitions. In 1985, she had a premonition of being in an accident, which led to a cautious drive to Oklahoma. Another premonition occurred while making a birthday cake, where she felt an external force warn her about the potential danger of her upcoming birthday.

These premonitions culminated in a rainy evening after a show, where Hobbs and her band narrowly avoided a collision with an 18-wheeler, thanks to her quick thinking. This experience inspired Hobbs to write “Angels Among Us,” later completing it with Goodman’s help. The song has since become a source of inspiration and comfort for millions.

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