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Jerry Reed and family in an old clip doing “This Little Light Of Mine”; his family was new to me before.

Music and talent certainly seem to be woven into the very fabric of the Reed family’s DNA. A testament to this is an old, undated clip that showcases a heartwarming family moment: Jerry Reed, accompanied by his wife and two daughters, delivering a soul-stirring rendition of the classic gospel tune “This Little Light of Mine” on a television show set years ago. This performance is not just a display of musical talent; it’s a window into the close-knit bonds and shared passion for music within the Reed family.

Jerry Reed, known for his masterful guitar playing and distinctive voice, took center stage in introducing his family. His wife, Priscilla, alongside their daughters, Seidina and Lottie (the latter still a little girl at the time), stood ready to share their collective musical gift. The affectionate exchanges of kisses on the cheek before they began to play underscored the warmth and closeness of their relationships. As Reed strummed an upbeat rhythm on his guitar, the family ensemble launched into “This Little Light of Mine,” their voices harmonizing beautifully, evoking an almost celestial atmosphere.

The performance was particularly noteworthy for the solo parts taken by Seidina, whose voice carried most of the verses with an effortless grace that hinted at her deep musical roots. Little Lottie contributed too, charmingly singing the first word of each line, adding a delightful touch to the family chorus. Throughout the performance, Jerry Reed’s pride in his family’s musical ability was unmistakably evident; his beaming smile never waned, shining as brightly as the proverbial ‘little light’ they sang about.

Delving into the Reed family’s background offers further insight into this musical lineage. Jerry Reed, born in 1937, carved a niche for himself in the country music scene with his exceptional guitar skills and vibrant personality. His marriage to country singer Priscilla Mitchell in 1959 was more than just a union of hearts; it was a melding of musical talents. Their daughters, Seidina Ann Hubbard and Charlotte Elaine (Lottie) Zavala, born a decade apart, grew up immersed in this rich musical heritage.

It’s no surprise that the Reed daughters ventured into music, following the well-trodden path laid by their parents. Seidina, in particular, embraced her father’s legacy wholeheartedly. In 2015, she released “Today Is Mine: A Tribute to My Father,” an album where she covered songs written and performed by her late father, Jerry Reed, who passed away in 2008. This project was more than an album; it was a poignant homage, a daughter’s way of keeping her father’s memory and musical legacy alive.

The clip of the Reed family’s rendition of “This Little Light of Mine” is more than just a musical performance; it’s a snapshot of a family united by love and music. Jerry Reed’s legacy, bolstered by his family’s talents, continues to resonate in the world of country music and beyond. While Jerry Reed himself is remembered for many iconic songs and performances, this particular family performance of “This Little Light of Mine” stands out for its warmth, unity, and the sheer joy of making music together. It serves as a beautiful reminder of the power of family and music to bring light into the world.

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