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Scotty McCreery’s version of “Hello Darlin'” is flawless and addictive.

“Hello darlin’. We will be glad to see you. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. You’re still as beautiful. Like you were once.” If you believe you’ll never see these lines in the same way that Conway Twitty did decades ago If you’re not sure, you may not have heard the version of Scotty McCreery in the past.

In all of all through his American Idol stint, Scotty McCreery kept his country roots. He isn’t often performing outside of the genre, and finding ways to incorporate a country twang to every performance.

It’s not a doubt about that, because McCreery has stated that he’ll always be a fan of country music, regardless of how the genre will go in the present day. He grew up listening to traditional country music stars like George Jones, Randy Travis, and Conway Twitty, which he incorporates into nearly every live performance. He will always pay tribute to his heroes in music by performing a medley of their songs, and on special occasions, he will sing the whole song.

One of those memorable moments was when he sang the iconic tune of Twitty “Hello Darlin'” at the Grand Ole Opry in 2015. When the song’s first notes played and McCreery sang those famous words, he got all the ladies in awe and the audience cheering at the highest of their voices.

His rich, deep voice was so romantic throughout the entire track, so it was difficult not to join in! You can tell that he enjoys what he does and it’s hard not to be in love with his performance. When he sang the song’s final notes, the audience erupted into cheers.

“That’s Conway Twitty, y’all,” McCreery addressed the crowd and smiled. “Thank you so much, Grand Ole Opry, y’all have a great night.” Although Twitty was known to open his shows by singing “Hello Darlin’,” McCreery preferred to conclude his show at the Opry by performing the hit song -which is the type of show you’d love to see again and repeatedly.

When “Hello Darlin’” Became a Country Standard

Written by Conway Twitty himself, “Hello Darlin” was released in 1970 as the first single and title track of Twitty’s 17th record. The iconic song then became Twitty’s fourth No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and stayed in that position for four weeks. Not only that, but the song was also named the No. 1 song of 1970.

Aside from being Twitty’s standard concert opener, “Hello Darlin’” definitely became a country standard and his signature song. Indeed, there is no way you can replace someone like Conway Twitty. He is a country music legend that is a member of the Country and Rockabilly Halls of Fame and had a one-in-a-million kind of talent.

But Scotty McCreery’s performance of “Hello Darlin” was practically perfect in every way. His smooth, deep voice seemed to be made for this song. It is almost as if McCreery was born in the wrong era, seeing him so good at singing the classic song.

Watch his incredible performance below.

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