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“Tryin’ to Get Over You” by Vince Gill and Alison Krauss is a heart-wrenching song.

There is only one voice like Vince Gill,… and there is only one voice like Allison Krauss, and both are incredible, they send shivers down my spine.

“Get Over You” is a duet performed by country music artists Vince Gill and Alison Krauss. The song was written by Gill and was included on his 1994 album “When Love Finds You.”

The song features Gill and Krauss trading verses about the difficulties of getting over a lost love. They sing about how even though they know they should move on, they can’t help but think about the person they’ve lost and feel the pain of the breakup. In the chorus, they harmonize beautifully, singing:

“I try to run, I try to hide
I try to keep it all inside
But it won’t leave me alone
I keep thinking how it was
And I start to feel the lost love
And I’m on my own”

The song showcases the incredible vocal talents of both Gill and Krauss, who complement each other perfectly with their harmonies. The lyrics are relatable to anyone who has gone through the pain of a breakup, and the emotion in their voices brings the song to life.

“Get Over You” is a beautiful and poignant song that continues to be a fan favorite in the country music genre.

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