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It’s emotional to hear Marty Haggard’s son sing one of our favorite songs by his father; it brings tears to our eyes.

“Mama’s Hungry Eyes” is a classic country song written and originally recorded by Merle Haggard in 1968. Marty Haggard, Merle’s son, recorded his own version of the song and expanded upon it with additional lyrics.

The song is a tribute to Merle’s mother, who raised her children alone after her husband died when Merle was just nine years old. The lyrics express the struggles and sacrifices his mother made to provide for her family and the love and admiration Merle felt for her.

Marty’s version of the song builds upon Merle’s original lyrics, adding a new verse that tells the story of Merle’s mother taking on extra work to provide for her children. The verse goes:

“She worked at a truck stop, washing dishes and plates And when she came home, she was too tired to eat But she’d always find time to sit and sing us a song And we knew that we had a home.”

Marty’s version of “Mama’s Hungry Eyes” also features his own unique vocal style and interpretation of the song, while still paying homage to his father’s original version. The song remains a beloved classic in the country music canon and a testament to the enduring power of family and love.

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