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Wrought Iron Railing Ideas

Do you choose a type of handrail for your indoor or outdoor staircase? I have a brilliant idea for you – why not wrought iron railings? Wrought iron is a very low carbon iron alloy that is somewhat similar to steel. If you are hesitant about whether you need it or not, let’s look at some pros and cons and some examples to help you make a final decision.


Wrought iron fences are much stronger than other common materials. Because wrought iron is so difficult to break, it is better than many other fences for safety reasons. The durability also means that wrought iron fences last much longer than other fences. For the most part, these fences are easy to maintain, especially if they are painted.

The term wrought iron was applied to this type of iron because it could be worked into many different shapes and designs. The alloy itself has an elastic and malleable nature that many artists and designers can shape into interesting patterns.

If you’ve had problems with pests destroying fences in the past, this is good news: apart from strange mutations or alien invasions, nothing is going to chew a wrought iron fence. With the right design, they can actually keep a lot of annoying animals completely away from your home, although there likely isn’t a fence so amazing that a really determined animal can’t find a way by.


Wrought iron is more expensive than wooden and vinyl fences because of its material and the difficulties it presents. In addition, it may be a little more expensive to install, especially if the wrought iron design is custom made. Wrought iron is heavy, requires a lot more labor to be properly attached, and requires proper anchoring so as not to easily fall over in certain floors. The list goes on. That means you either work on it for a long time or pay a premium to install it.

If you use it outside and a wrought iron fence has been weathered long enough, it will start to corrode. Rust on wrought iron is particularly difficult to handle because of the slag in the metal. As mentioned above, painting the wrought iron can prevent rust from forming, but over time the paint will flake off from weathering and as a result, a new paint will need to be applied every few years.

Although wrought iron can be bent into many different designs, fences made from this material are usually very easy to see through. In general, the straight bars and swirls common to wrought iron fences are considered “open” patterns. Open designs usually have iron bars that are close enough together to keep people away but far enough apart to see through.


Wrought iron railings are widely used indoors. Such a railing looks beautiful and always stands out, and even the simplest staircase will look amazing with it. Wrought iron can almost match the interior depending on the color and pattern, but it is more commonly used in traditional, industrial, modern and minimalist interiors than others.

Exterior decor

Wrought iron is also a good idea outdoors, especially if you want a luxurious look for the entrance. Order a bespoke sample for your railing for a fantastic look!

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