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Wooden Screen Space Dividers

In our age of open floor plans and studio apartments, room dividers are becoming increasingly popular as we admit that some rooms should be more private and some zones need to be separated. Different partitions have different advantages and disadvantages. Here it is important to find a suitable part for your interior. Today we’re looking at wood and maybe they’ll suit your home!

A wooden room divider brings a lot more privacy than other dividers, for example glass. Yes, it may look bulkier, but proper room separation is guaranteed. Another advantage is that a wooden room divider is a cool decorative element that never goes out of style: wood is timeless. There are catchy geometric and other patterned screens, and a vertical floorboard screen adds visual height to your space. Are you ready to look at some examples?

Solid wooden lattice

A solid wooden shade is a feature that you don’t see that often, making your interior stand out. In addition, such a screen brings complete privacy and an appropriate floor plan, which is essential for many households. Choose a piece with a cool wood texture and make it a double decor element. It will never go out of style as wood is timeless.

Wooden planks from floorboards / beams

The most popular feature is a wooden floorboard screen, a very trendy room divider. Planks can be vertical or horizontal, but like I said above – vertical planks are preferable as they add visual height and help you see the space as a whole, while horizontal planks can make the ceiling look lower. If you want more privacy, make wider boards or keep a space between them, but keep in mind that they don’t let in a lot of light and your rooms won’t feel as airy. If you want more light and less distance, opt for wooden beams – these only indicate a room division.

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