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Wooden Kitchen Backsplashes

Wood is a timeless material that is widely used in architecture and decor – all types of it and plywood too! Wood never goes out of style and goes with all kinds of styles and color schemes – what can be more perfect? Wooden stairs, furniture, statement walls and accessories are used everywhere and everyone is already used to it, but the designers have added another very fresh and unique idea – wood for backsplashes. Yes, I know what you’re about to say: wood and plywood are not the best idea for bathrooms and kitchens due to moisture, splashes, and grease of various kinds. But modern finishes and types of plywood are such that you can’t worry about that.

Backsplashes from wooden kitchens are a chic and very creative idea to rock. It’s a fantastic way to stand out from the backsplash and create an amazing look. Wood and plywood of all kinds are welcome for decorating the kitchen. If you’re still interested in the practical side, add a glass or acrylic screen along the entire length or in the cooking zone. Let me share some ideas that will inspire you.

Slim wooden backsplashes

Smooth wood or plywood backsplashes instantly give your kitchen a fresher and more contemporary look and add warmth to it with warmth. There are many ideas for textures, shades, and looks, and such backsplashes are great for contemporary and minimalist spaces, but you can also go for rustic and glamorous kitchens and add a sleek wooden backsplash for contrast. Add extra lights to the cabinets and choose a matching countertop or do it differently for a more contrasting look. If functionality is important to you, cover all or part of the backsplash with a sheet of glass.

Structural wooden backsplashes

If you want to add texture and a unique touch to the room, choose a textured wooden backsplash. It can be a backsplash of reclaimed or aged wood, just a few vertical or horizontal wooden boards, or just a wood covered with a pattern, for example chevron. You can go for a look like this not only for rustic, chalet, vintage and shabby chic kitchens, but many others as well. Rock a modern kitchen with a backsplash like this for a contrast! Still a lot of emphasis on splashes? Use wood tiles instead of real wood and voila!

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