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Window Box Planters

Spring is just around the corner and if you’re concerned about outdoor decor and furniture, this is a cool idea to freshen up your home look from the outside – add planters for window boxes! This is a cool and slightly old fashioned idea that will add a cool, fresh touch to your home. What should you plant there? Flowers, greens, leaves, even vegetables and berries! You can make them yourself or buy them – as many as you need. Here are some ideas you might like.

Wooden planters

Window box planters are more often made of wood, a traditional material that is easy to get to. Consider the external appearance of your home, then choose the appearance of your box: modern and elegant, traditional and paneled, rustic and slatted. Take a box and paint it any color you want without adding any special accents – this is a more modern and fresh idea. If you want a natural touch, completely cover the box planter with twigs and twigs. If you prefer a traditional and classic look, go for paneled box planters. A rustic stained planter is a good idea for a farmhouse. The darker the spot, the stronger the contrast.

After choosing a planter, you need to choose plants and flowers for it. And again – if you want a rustic feel, add berries, cabbage, herbs and mix them with flowers. If you prefer a more modern look, fill in the planter with lots of greenery and foliage.

Metal planters

A metal planter for window boxes is rarer, but they are no less stylish and more durable than wooden window box planters. If you prefer a more modern look, choose a smooth finish, maybe a painted one. If you prefer a more traditional and sophisticated look, choose a window planter with potted plants and flowers inside. With such a planter, you can change the plants and flowers inside at any time.

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