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Whitewashed Fireplace Designs

A fireplace is always a centerpiece in every room, it brings cosiness, chic and warmth and gathers people around it. But what if your fireplace needs a quick updo, how do you renovate it? A simple and elegant idea is to whitewash it. It is suitable for any type of stove and any material it is made of.

Whitewashing isn’t a difficult technique, there are plenty of DIYs and videos on how to do it, and there are a number of different options. A whitewashed stone fireplace looks rustic but very elegant, although elegance is often what a rustic piece lacks. A whitewashed brick fireplace brings style and coziness to the room – such whitewashed fireplaces work in any room and look great. If you need something different, opt for a whitewashed wood fireplace that usually fits into modern and contemporary interiors without overly highlighting. Think about your mantelpiece too – are you going to whitewash it or leave it stained? These are two completely different looks that will affect your space in different ways.

Decorative and non-working stoves and fireplaces are often whitewashed as this is a great way to make them look stylish and elegant, with a touch of shabby chic and an effortlessly chic feel. Cover them with a nice whitewashed matching mantelpiece or even choose a stained one, depending on what look you want. A whitewashed fireplace is a cool idea for almost any room, from rustic and traditional to shabby chic and girly. Dive into the gallery below for inspiration!

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