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White Marble Home Decor Ideas

Marble will never go out of style – it’s pure luxury that is timeless, and this year, marble in home decor is a trend and will stay for a long time. Marble comes in different colors and with different veins, and there are materials that imitate it – for example, tiles or contact paper. If you want some ideas to add a luxurious touch to your home, we are ready to share them with you!

White marble in the kitchen

White marble is very often used for decorating the kitchen. It gives the room a chic and sophisticated touch. These are usually white marble backsplashes and countertops, and you can also opt for a white marble waterfall countertop on the kitchen island. If white marble is too expensive by itself, replace it with white marble tile on your backsplash. They give the room just as much chic and glamor as real marble. White marble easily goes with dark and neutral kitchens in any decorating style. So do not hesitate to get this timeless and exquisite feature for your kitchen.

White marble in the bathrooms

Do you want a sophisticated feel for your bathroom? Go for a white marble accent wall or dress up your shower with it, make a backsplash in the bathtub or even a white marble sink. The real white marble can be combined with different tiles, wood and metals. It looks amazing with almost anything you can use in your bathroom. If you are working with marble tiles, you can vary them in shape and size or simply use other neutral tiles as a pair.

White marble furniture

You can also find luxurious white marble furniture for your home and these are usually white marble tables and desks that bring luxury with their tabletops. If furniture like this is too expensive, remember to make some pieces yourself using marble contact paper – this looks the same but is a lot cheaper!

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