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Whimsy Lighting Inspired by Cats

Are you as in love with cats as we are? If it is you, a touch of cat madness can be a beautiful and fun solution to your home, and we have it for you! Today we share unique lamps that are reminiscent of cats every second.

The latest Kafka light from designer Arman Zamani is at the intersection of storytelling and design. Inspired by the two cat-like omens in Kafka on the Shore, a novel by the Japanese author Haruki Murakami, this elegant (and somewhat strange) lighting series is sure to be a conversation starter in any room. Almost as if a cat were trapped in a pure white cube, an interesting sculpture emerges during the day and a playful, poetic lamp at night that stimulates the imagination.

Such unique lights add a moody and crazy touch to your room. They are suitable for the interior decoration of adults and children as well as for private and public spaces, I promise!

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