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What Is An Industrial Style Home

What is industrial interior design that is gaining popularity now? It’s about “warehouse looks” that combine a real industrial feel with a range of other styles. Such looks are widely used in loft apartments, modern homes, and commercial spaces around the world. If you want to use them too, or at least add some elements of industrial style to your home decor, I have some ideas for you.

Color palettes

One of the first things you’ll notice about industrial spaces is that there aren’t a lot of bold pops of color. Instead, this style is based on using a combination of neutral hues to achieve a clean look. Avoid Contrasts: Instead of positioning brown and white side by side, rock a variety of brown and tan colors. Use these colors as the dominant colors while other neutral colors act as accents. Warm neutrals add visual warmth to the industrial-style rooms, part of an area that could otherwise be overwhelmed by the coolness of the metal pipes and ducts.


Exposed brickwork is an absolutely great feature of the industrial decorating style. If you are lucky, you will expose it as much as possible. If not, create some, and if you can’t think of fake masonry, such panels are now available.

Another characteristic element of industrial interior design is the presence of features that people usually try to hide, such as: B. Pipes and cables. You can imagine what a liberating strategy this was when the concept of warehouse housing gained popularity! Exposed pipes can also be an excellent choice for pure white rooms, as the brightness of the walls and ceiling contrasts sharply with the metal of the piping, as shown below.

There are numerous wood and metal surfaces in industrial-style interiors. It’s no wonder earth tones and neutrals are popular color choices for these rooms. Industrial design enthusiasts often seek a metallic feel through the use of colors like gray.

Furniture and accessories

We know that industrial design involves the use of metal and wood. It is precisely these materials that together form a large number of industrial style furniture. Many are truly vintage while others are inspired by old factory and laboratory pieces. Notice how the industrial bar stools in the kitchen below fit perfectly into the space.

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