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What Is A Papasan Chair

Cool furniture is an important touch that personalizes your space. They perform many functions, including decorative, and provide you with convenience. One of those cool pieces of furniture is a Papasan chair, also known as a crockery chair, moon chair or bowl chair. If you are still hesitant about whether you need it or not, let’s find out what type of chair it is and whether or not it is worth buying.

What is a papasan chair?

The Papasan chair works like a baseball glove that makes you feel comfortable and secure. These originally Asian chairs became popular in America during World War II and have been a trendy icon ever since. The design is simple: a round seat like a bowl, padded with a large plush cushion.

The frames of the Papasan chairs were traditionally made from rattan, but today they can be made from sturdy organic materials such as wicker or wood. As for the futon and pillows, the types of fabric are entirely up to you.

Types of papasan chairs

The standard Papasan chair is a model of the basic type. It has an upright frame and a base covered with a fabric for upholstery. The upright frame is slightly inclined to allow additional adjustment to your relaxing posture. The round bowl shape of the chair offers an informal comfort for those who curl up on the seat.

The Mamasan chair is a double papasan chair. It extends the circular shell design of a normal Papasan chair into an oval, deep seat that offers space for two people. The frame is made similar to a Papasan chair and combined with a longer cushion.

While the base papasan is perfectly circular, the swivel rocker is vertically upright with the same frame and cushion combination. The swivel attached to the base helps recline and rock the chair while you sit in it. It’s a chair to live in!

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