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What Is A Contemporary Home

What is a contemporary home? What does it look like and which functions should you include in your home design to make it contemporary? Today we answer those questions in this round-up.

Today’s contemporary style is defined by curved lines, neutral colors and minimalism, but it may look a little different in the future as it changes over time – it means “from this moment”.

Color palette

Neutral hues are the cornerstone of contemporary design. If you want to pay homage to this style, black, white, tan, and gray should make up the majority of your design. Occasionally, fatty solids can also be used. In this case, however, they are usually used sparingly and only as accents.

If you stick to mixing neutrals, it’s a good idea to add lots of texture to your design. A variety of textures add visual interest to the room.

to form

Shapes or forms are one of the basic elements of contemporary design. It is one of the elements that differentiate this design style from other similar aesthetics such as modern design. Contemporary design goes a step further, however: these rooms often feature a mix of straight and elegantly curved lines, which can be seen as a slight nod to the Art Deco roots of this style.

Ideally, you should incorporate these eye-catching lines into the design in a number of ways. If you’re working on a remodel, consider adding an eye-catching architectural element like a shapely fireplace or room divider. If not, try to include some curved furniture, lighting, or decor.


The final key to creating a contemporary design is to illuminate the entire space, paying special attention to natural light. Make as many and as large windows as possible, that’s the main point. Then incorporate all kinds of layered light you can: environment, accent, task, anything you can and need as a contemporary space should be full of light. Check out the examples we’ve put together for you and get inspired!

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