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Wallpaper Kitchen Backsplashes

Wallpaper has made a big comeback in home decor and is becoming increasingly popular. You can see them everywhere from the bathroom to the nursery. It’s not just about statement walls, it’s about covering all the walls with wallpaper or even highlighting furniture with bold wallpaper. Today I want to share some more ideas on how to use wallpaper creatively in your home and these are wallpaper kitchen backsplashes. Yes, backsplashes! You can say it’s inconvenient and a bad idea, but I’m ready to prove it isn’t.


Creating a tiled backsplash can be very expensive and quite difficult, not everyone can, while a wallpaper backsplash doesn’t cost much and can be made by you very quickly even if you don’t know how, there are plenty of home improvement out there. Also, temporary wallpaper is a perfect idea for a rented house because, unlike tiles, you can easily remove it.

Some backsplashes are water-resistant so they can be used in place of tiles without any problems. If not, consider installing an acrylic or glass panel to cover the backsplash and protect it from grease and water splashes.

Postcards, drawings and other samples of your own designs or your own collection can also be hung behind a pane of glass for a backsplash. It’s a nice idea to personalize your backsplash and give your kitchen a cuter look that cannot be done with other materials.

Wallpaper is a great idea to get noticed. There are lots of ideas, from retro-inspired to ultra-modern. Tile backsplashes are often seen, but wallpaper is a unique way to add design to your space.


Wallpaper is not a practical choice for a functional space like a kitchen unless you choose waterproof wallpaper or choose an additional screen over it. Otherwise, you will have to switch the wallpaper very often to avoid a messy look. For this reason, a wallpaper background image isn’t a good idea if you have kids – they paint on it, break glass, and more.

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