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Wallpaper Ceiling Ideas

Using ceilings is a great way to add detail and levels to an interior space, and it’s a trend right now. Who would want a regular ceiling when you can cover it with plywood, wood, and even wallpaper? Wallpaper ceilings can bring unique patterns and layers to an interior, and the realization of such a project will not take much time. But before choosing a ceiling like this, there are a few things you need to know.

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Choose the right type of wallpaper. If you think that you may be getting tired of the look you have chosen, go for a removable wallpaper. Removing traditional wallpaper from the wall is difficult enough. it can be backbreaking work on the ceiling.

Choose the color and pattern carefully. Dark tones on the ceiling put a strain on a room – desirable if you want a more cozy feeling. On the flip side, lighter colors can make smaller rooms feel larger, and metallics can help reflect light in tight spaces. You also have to choose between a small or a large motif. Larger patterns with a repeat of 12 inches or more can be easier on the eye. However, smaller patterns more easily mask installation misalignments. This may be preferable if this is your first time making wallpaper.


Make sure your ceiling is suitable for wallpapering. Before setting up the wallpaper, you need to do some important preparation. First, repair any cracks or imperfections in the ceiling with putty knife or grout, and then sand the area smooth with a fine-grain sandpaper. Remove any lights or vents (make sure to turn off the power first). Clean the ceiling with a duster on a long extension rod or a shop vacuum with a soft brush attachment to remove all of the initial dust. Go over the ceiling a second time with a rag or cloth to touch up. Next, prime the ceiling. Use a special primer made specifically for wallpaper application and let it dry for at least 48 hours (follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions). This will help prevent damage to your walls when the wallpaper is eventually removed.

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