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Wallpaper Accent Walls

Accent walls give your room a fresh, new look. They provide an easy and stylish way to add color to a room and experiment with smaller doses of lighter, bolder hues. Whether you want to define a living space or put a valuable work of art or architectural feature in the spotlight, an accent wall can create a striking, unique design element. Accent walls can also help you create a flow of color. By using the same color for fabrics, finishes, accessories and furniture in adjacent rooms, you can create a seamless transition from room to room.

Today’s round-up is devoted to wallpaper accent walls, and that’s not surprising since it’s a hot trend in decor. There’s no need to paper an entire room like people did years ago. Instead, go for a bright and bold pattern and use it for just one accent wall.

Wallpaper accent walls to make a statement

An accent wall can create a mood, and the best accent wall is the wall that stands out in the room. It is the wall that you are drawn to when you enter the room. If you can’t tell which wall is catching their attention in your room, ask a friend or family member to walk in and let them know which wall seems to be grabbing their attention. The wall you choose will be your accent wall.

Avoid covering your accent wall with a large object like floor-to-ceiling curtains, windows, or a huge wardrobe. If the wall is covered, you lose its dramatic effect. Finally, make sure that an accent wall isn’t left too bare or there will be too much “pop” and the room will feel unbalanced.

Wallpaper accent walls to separate rooms

Many houses these days are open plan and it can be difficult to divide the rooms. An accent wall is a perfect way to separate the areas. This is why accent walls are so popular for entrance areas and home office corners that are not separate rooms. Home office corners and reading corners can easily be highlighted with a cool self-adhesive wallpaper. Be careful with your choices of patterns and colors so as not to overwhelm them.

Wallpaper accent walls for living in tiny spaces

Give life to a small room without making it appear too small. Choose a wall that you want to cover with a bold or just colorless but patterned wallpaper. It gives your room a dimension, a texture and makes it an eye-catcher. You can also hide an ugly wall if there is one. Use bold wallpaper for a small bathroom, powder room, laundry, or small home office and it’ll add a cool, eye-catching touch and dimension.

Do you have a small kindergarten? Use a floral wallpaper for a girl’s room or a constellation wallpaper for a boy’s room. It makes a cool statement and adds to the decor. If you only take one wall, the room won’t look dark and too small.

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