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Wall Murals Ideas For Various Spaces

Wall paintings make every interior look breathtaking and, depending on the theme and style, create a special atmosphere in the room. You can create a simple statement wall with a mural and remove it anytime, as most wallpapers and murals are now removable. Such an accent wall doesn’t take a lot of time, effort, or money to decorate, so it’s a cool idea. A mural can take up all of the room and create an ambience, and you can add some colorful elements to go with and match it.

If you prefer a natural look, photo-realistic murals are the way to go. Natural landscapes, people, urban landscapes and other images can be found in the photo-realistic murals and wallpapers. Go for tropical forests, for realistic flowers, icebergs, coastlines and beaches; Marble and geode murals add a trendy touch to the room, but you can actually try anything that inspires and makes you happy. Wallpaper murals come in different designs and materials. They can be used to decorate all the walls in the room with different scenes or gardens and animals – a good idea for a whimsical or very sophisticated vintage room. Murals are a great way to decorate kids rooms and create a special atmosphere in other rooms – sky and space murals are number one for kids rooms, and floral murals are perfect for girls rooms. We have put together some of the most breathtaking murals for you. Enjoy and be inspired!

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