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Wall Mounted Ceiling Coat Racks

Autumn is here and days and nights are getting a bit chilly. Most of us wear scarves, jackets, and even trenches. Where can you hang them when you get home? Where can you put your umbrellas? You need some convenient coat racks and if you don’t have one or want to change them, we’re ready to share cool ideas! Yesterday we showed you some freestanding wardrobes, and today’s roundup is devoted to more space-saving ideas – wall and ceiling mounting.

Wall brackets / hooks

Wall mounted coat racks and hooks really are endless! The simplest idea is hooks that are attached directly to the wall, and I’m not talking about the usual boring hooks – go more modern! Stick some wooden or metal pencils on the wall and paint them a matching color for a neutral look or a bold shade for a contrast. A trendy idea is a group of brightly colored dot hooks that are messy attached to the wall. They look moody and catchy and can also be attached to the cabinet doors. Attach wooden strips to the wall with hooks – such parts are easy to make yourself, and you can personalize them in many ways. If you need more storage space, you can attach lots of wooden panels to the wall and hook into each point. There are much more traditional wood or metal shelves that go with many room styles and decor themes. Find out what suits you best.

Ceiling shelves

If you can’t attach anything to the wall or think of something common for your home, try ceiling mounting options. Hang a traditional hanger holder. This is a very ethereal and airy option that is ideal for a tiny entryway. Buy creative, modern wardrobes with ropes and hang them from the ceiling. The more colorful they are, the cooler! You can find more interesting ideas below!

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