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Wall Covering Of Lichen

Living walls are very popular today, they are rocked everywhere and give any room a chic, invigorating touch. If you can’t afford or build a large living wall of ferns, succulents, and other things, or if you can’t maintain it properly because of insufficient light or otherwise, this option might appeal to you.

Nordgröna’s Convex and Seamless collections are made of lichens, which are often referred to as reindeer moss. Made from natural, non-toxic materials, they are an environmentally friendly option for interiors. Designers worked with researchers from Lund University to ensure that the collection had sound-absorbing properties. Each piece is also air-purifying, hypoallergenic and certified as flame retardant. So many beautiful properties make Convex And Seamless beautiful for home decor.

Each piece is made in Nordgröna’s production facility in Sweden from moss picked in the forests of northern Sweden and Norway. It is stabilized in such a way that it does not need direct sunlight. There are various strong colors to choose from and different shapes to try out. This is a great idea for rocking a colorful and eye-catching wallcovering with a touch of nature.

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