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Wall Covering Ideas

We have already told you about 3D wall panels as unique covers for any wall that stand out and look amazing. Today I want to continue the theme of making plain walls stand out and eye-catching, but with various unique wall coverings made from different materials that will definitely transform your space and make it stunning.


Wood is one of the most popular materials for making objects as it instantly adds luxury and chic all at once, is naturally textured, making it eye-catching and adding warmth to the room, regardless of the color chosen. Different wood shingles, tiles and panels can turn even the simplest interior into a cool one. You can create an eye-catching wall yourself that you can cover with worn shutters for a shabby chic interior or with reclaimed wood suitable for any interior.


Cork is another structural material that gives a cool look and warmth at the same time. It has many colors for each room and different shapes of panels and cladding to create what you want. An important advantage of cork is that it is completely affordable and you can make various pieces of wall art yourself, while wood can cost you a pretty penny.


If we take fabric wall coverings, it is mainly felt panels that also serve as soundproofing. They come in different sizes and shapes and you can find lots of colors too. For more effective soundproofing, you can also use wooden tiles covered with felt. Felt has a soft texture and gives any room a cozy and soft touch.


Metal is characterized by its cool appearance and durability – it will definitely stand out. You can find glossy panels and tiles that can be used in bathrooms and kitchens where durability and water resistance are essential. There are also industrial patina metal panels for industrial and rustic interiors that make your room extra eye-catching. Of course, metal is expensive, but this look is worth it!

Other ideas

Living walls are up! Choose air plants, succulents, or moss to create a real living wall. It is a constant eye-catcher, but requires sufficient maintenance. You can also cover a wall yourself with dominoes or old book pages. This is a unique and inexpensive idea. Get more flashy ideas to rock down below!

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