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Walk In Shower Designs

Walk-in showers are very functional and chic, and these are the best to fit in small bathrooms. They give your bathroom a modern and fresh look and make efficient use of the space you have. I want to introduce the coolest walk-in shower designs that will inspire you in your home too.

Glass showers

Such showers have many advantages, and the first is a chic, modern look – what can be more modern than clear glass? Second, they don’t seem to take up any space as glass fuses the bathroom and shower into one and is essential for small bathrooms. Third, a glass enclosed shower has a cool spa look that will help you relax after a long and busy day. Glass is a perfect material for a seamless look and brings style.

Shower and steam bath

Walk-in showers have a strong spa feel and when you incorporate them into a steam room it creates your own private spa. You can use both things and they won’t take up too much space. All you need is a bench or a seat. If there is not enough space, you can make a folding bench. Let the seat match your bathroom style: if it is a nature-inspired bathroom, you can use a large stone instead of a seat or opt for a wooden seat. It is advisable to build in a small window that can be opened when you are using the shower alone to let the air circulate.

Doorless shower

Your shower can be doorless, especially if you take up an entire room for it. If there is enough space and boundaries, it will be easier to relax and you can set up a spa that clad the floors or walls in natural wood or stone. Marble is another luxurious alternative that looks timeless and is perfect for showering. Add potted greens or flowers, pebbles for a luxurious feel.

Half-wall showers

Installing a glass-enclosed shower is more difficult than a half-wall shower, and sometimes even impossible. Take half a wall instead! If it’s an extension of your bathroom, you might be covered in the same tiles and you can add some of the glass or leave it as is. One such idea will keep all of the excess shower water away from your bathroom so it will be dry.

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