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Walk In Closet Organization

Do you think you don’t have space for a walk-in closet? That’s not true, today I share small, even tiny, walk-in closets that can be put in even the tiniest nooks and crannies. And of course I’m going to share some ideas for organizing such a space so that you can squeeze most of it together.

First, remember that a small walk-in closet only has three usable sides. So you shouldn’t overload it to make it easier to find. Organize it so that you can easily see what you need at a glance. Second, when choosing colors and shades for the decor, opt for peaceful and bright colors, as these will visually expand the space.

Make a leading rack

Put up a series of shelves that reach to the ceiling that you can store things on without them falling on your head. At some point, modular slots and shelves will need to be installed to accommodate shoes and purses along with small cubes and drawers that need to be set up for folded clothing and other items. You can also add various alternative configurations and enhancements for the best organization.

Add little hooks

‘S’ and ‘L’ shaped hooks are your best friends! Such hooks are readily available and can be used for many things in your closet: from shoes to coats to umbrellas. You can attach them to the walls or directly to the cabinets if you have one.

Get storage baskets or drawers

Baskets and cubes are great for storing small items like socks and underwear. Even nightgowns or pajamas can be rolled up and placed in storage baskets, freeing up lots of drawer space. That way, they’re perfectly clean and don’t clutter the entire space, which is important when the closet is really tiny. Of course, if you have drawers, you can use them for these things.

Light up the room

Lighting a tiny closet is imperative for many reasons. First, light makes any room look bigger than it is. Second, it makes it easier to find things, and third, it looks more comfortable and welcoming with lots of light. Use chandeliers, LED lights, garlands, and mirrors with lights to brighten the room.

Other tips & ideas

A small walk-in closet is not a curse. With all of these useful tips and ideas there would be plenty of room for all of your stuff. When you hang up works of art, put up a statement wall or display decorative items, it also looks less like usable space.

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