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Wainscoting In Bathrooms

Wainscoting installs wood paneling and panels in a pattern along the wall. It is rounded off with a horizontal shape strip that extends over the perimeter of a room. We shared ideas like this a few years ago, and as this type of décor continues to grow in popularity, I want to come back to the topic and look at the paneling in particular: in bathrooms.

Cladding in bathrooms can be used as a decorative element, insulation, or to prevent or cover water damage to walls and can be installed at any height. It can be added to unify the decor of a bathroom and create a cohesive and coordinated design. Even if you say it’s out of date, it’s not – it’s widely used not only in traditional and rustic spaces, but also in glamorous modern spaces. Scandinavian and much more – it can literally be designed for any room.

Wainscoting is an unusual alternative to wall tiles, costs less and makes the room feel comfortable and inviting like a living room. It also gives it an elegant touch at the same time. Plus, it’s a great idea for vintage, shabby-chic, and rustic spaces that look better with paneling than tile if you want to make them more stylish. It can be installed at any height. If you have a freestanding bathtub, cover the space around it or around the sink to prevent your walls from draining, for example. The paneling can be painted to match the walls, furniture and all sorts of other elements in the room.

Paint the bathroom cladding in a color that defines the theme you have chosen for the room. For example, if you want a naturally inspired decor or a zen or spa ambience, you can work with green, beige and gray tones combined with white. You can match the paneling to your bathroom furniture if you want to create a cohesive and cohesive interior with a dominant accent color. Or go the other way around to create a bold, contrasting look! Add a touch of color to the room by using bold paneling that cannot compete with any other element in the bathroom.

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