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Volcanic Rock Lamps

The Mexican design brand Studio Davidpompa is researching two timeless materials, Cantera Rosa and copper, and combining them into two new lamps. The Ambra collection consists of a table lamp and a wall lamp made of simple shapes, which, however, have hardly any proportions. The result is the perfect examples of sculptural lights that are both eye-catching and minimalist. The soft colors – pink and copper tones – are a stylish idea that will never go out of style.

The Ambra table lamp has contrasting textures with a copper cylindrical inner structure that partially fits into the pink volcanic rock body. A round Cantera disk lies on the copper tube and serves as a reflector for the hidden LED light. The lamp is equipped with a dimmer to adjust the light intensity.

The Ambra wall lamp consists of two round volumes, a copper base that is attached to the wall and a larger Cantera base that rests slightly obliquely above it. These lamps can be used in clusters to get more light and a more noticeable look. You look fantastic!

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