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Vintage Inspired Kitchen Design

This beautiful and chic kitchen, designed by Caitlin Wilson of San Francisco and Portland, catches the eye!

The walls are clad in white marble subway tiles, and the floors are made of wood in a herringbone pattern. The furniture is white and the white cabinets have bass handles for a chic look. The large kitchen island serves as the breakfast room and is defined by two large brass and white pendant lights that perfectly match the furniture. Peach-colored chairs accentuate the white kitchen island.

There’s a little nook here for the home office – this part has graphite gray cabinets highlighted with brass handles, and there’s a white tabletop. The television is integrated into the cabinet above the desk.

The dining area is vintage and rustic: there is a warm wooden dining room with rattan chairs. A vintage crystal chandelier adds glamor to the room and a large window offers great views of the dining area.

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