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Vintage Glam Table Lamp

If you’re looking for a cute table lamp with a chic design, you’ve come to the right place! UK-based lighting brand Original BTC is exploring the 1960s with their latest launch, the Walter Table Light. The lamp has a unique vintage aesthetic with a touch of glamor.

Its futuristic feel was inspired by the space age design from that period, resulting in a slightly retro and definitely minimalist end product. The Walter, which is available in size 1 or size 2, has either a base made of satined brass or satined copper and optionally an opal or anthracite glass shade. The parts are rounded off with an integrated dimmer at the base for easy adjustment.

I like a version in brass and anthracite that looks very glamorous and chic, and the color combination is very sophisticated. A cute piece of brass and opal fits into pastel and girlish interiors. Such a cool lamp with its brass or copper surface brings a vintage aesthetic and gives your room a glamorous feeling – metal details are trendy today.

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