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Vintage English Country Kitchen

Today we’re sharing another English country-style feast for the eyes – this Max Rollitt kitchen is full of beautiful ideas for those looking for something. Let’s take a closer look at this cutie.

The walls are done in a sunny yellow, and the shelves have been done in bold blue and shabby chic style. Although the colors aren’t very bright, the space is filled with natural light coming from a glass wall with a door. There are some white accents to make the kitchen quieter. You can see a white tile floor around the stove, some lamps, and cabinets. The shelf shows a collection of porcelain that becomes part of the decor.

To add texture to the kitchen and make it even more interesting, the designer went for an old scrubbed kitchen table, marble and tile kitchen countertop. There are some wooden stools, a chest of drawers, an upholstered armchair, and curtains that make the kitchen a lot cozier.

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