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Victorain House Concrete Surfaces

Designed by architect Pete Kennon of Melbourne-based Kennon + studio for a young family of five, this four bedroom home seamlessly combines a quaint Victorian cottage with a modern, concrete extension of minimalist grace and formal austerity. Developed in close collaboration with its owners, award-winning hairdresser Joey Scandizzo and his wife, TV personality Jane Scandizzo, the house is a direct architectural response to the couple’s lifestyle and sensibilities.

While the meticulously renovated Victorian building is characterized by contemporary embellishments – the exterior, clad with weatherboards, is adorned with decorative cast iron spikes, with ornate marble chimneys, plaster cornices, and ceiling roses inside – the in-situ cast concrete extension is a paradigm of minimalist design . The concrete construction gives the extension a feeling of robustness that conveys durability and stability. At the same time, its elementary, arched box shape describes the archetypal shape of a house, which evokes a feeling of cosiness. In addition, the repeated gable shape reflects the architectural heritage of the original house and harmoniously combines old and new despite the stylistic differences.

The color palette of the interiors, consisting of neutral white, gray and black tones, is based on the tonal softness of the exposed concrete surfaces and creates a subdued and calming ambience, which is underlined by a minimalist aesthetic of clear lines and sparse decor in white on white compositions play on the diverse Shades of white that are used on the historic facade. Natural wood and marble surfaces complement the organic rawness of the in-situ concrete, while furniture made from rattan, leather and cotton enrich the interior without detracting from the predominant color palette. In Scandizzo House, form and material work together, which ultimately leads to a peaceful haven for the family.

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