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Vertical Living Residence

An original Georgian house in London that is too cramped for the homeowner’s needs has been completely renovated thanks to the scenario architecture. Together with these renovations, the Vertical Living residence received a new, open kitchen, dining area and living room in the rear area. By using every inch of the home, Scenario was able to redesign the layout to suit their lifestyle.

The original ground floor and basement were barely used, although they were assigned as reception rooms. The stairs have been removed and the ground floor cut out to create an open mezzanine floor that allows natural light to flow through, particularly into the former basement. By connecting the two floors, certain uses were split between two, making them less cluttered. The main color is white and the rooms are given lighter accents and metallic finishes to make them more eye-catching.

The white kitchen flows into the living room with an abrupt transition into a smooth, gray wall with an embedded fireplace and bench.

The master bathroom received a Japanese-style bathtub that is integrated into the continuous surface that leads to the sink and storage below.

The deck is completely clad in wood, there are sleek white benches and a table, some potted greenery and flowers, and a creative built-in bench with storage units, all of which are clad in the same wood as the deck.

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