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Uzbekistan Mountain House

While many regions in Uzbekistan have been modernized, there are some regions where traditional architecture and design can still be admired, and so is newer projects like this house. This country house in the mountains of G’azalkent was designed and built by ARC Architects. It’s a relatively small and cozy retreat with a total of 96 square meters of living space. It serves as a seasonal home and vacation spot and has a guest suite on the lower level.

The architecture and overall design of this house are inspired by the natural topography of the place. Local stone, quarried in close proximity to the site, was the main building material the architects used throughout the project. All the different shapes and colors give the facades a beautiful mosaic-inspired look and blend seamlessly and organically into the landscape. The design also has a traditional feel inspired by local mountain houses. The interior design and furnishings are also shaped by numerous local influences, so that stone surfaces are present, which are complemented by wood.

The interiors are spread over two floors, with the lower level accommodating the guest area. Like many other houses in the area, this one also has sufficient terrace space. The open terrace is literally and figuratively an extension of the living area inside. It maximizes the panoramic view of the mountain range while bringing in natural light.

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