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Upholstered Headboards

A headboard can be a lovely decor element that adds a touch of color, chic and texture and makes your bedroom complete. An upholstered headboard is a timeless solution that is suitable for almost any bedroom. It gives your sleeping area a soft and inviting touch. I’ve rounded up some bold examples of the trendiest and coolest upholstered headboards that could inspire you to make your own. Look here!

Tufted headboards

A tufted headboard is perhaps the most elegant and timeless headboard idea for a bedroom. If you go for an ordinary tufted headboard, go for jewel tones or textured fabrics like velvet to make it stand out. Another idea for making a bold, tufted headboard is a wingback. It’s a trendy and very cozy idea that gives you a feeling of comfort thanks to the “wings”. Or try an oversized or super high tufted framed headboard. This is a bold and chic statement for a modern bedroom. Try bold tones for a colorful touch or match the headboard with your bedroom decor. It’s up to you and the effect you want to achieve.

Other padded headboards

If you don’t want a traditional tufted look for the headboard, try padded ones – with different patterns or just a decorative nail cut. Your headboard can be a bold shade and you can try silk, crushed velvet, or another bold and textured fabric. Opt for a variety of shapes and extended headboards, which can also have floating shelves or bedside tables, and attached lights and lamps. Try oversized padded headboards that reach the ceiling and are highlighted with LEDs. Catchy frames also give the bedroom a shiny touch. Check out more cool and edgy ideas below!

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