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Unique South African House

The Mabote House was designed by the Nicholas Plewman Architects studio and is located in South Africa. It offers breathtaking views of the beautiful landscape and a strong connection to it through a series of transition and outdoor spaces designed to complement the interior beautifully. The natural elements have been prioritized throughout the project and inside you can see accent features like the wooden bar stools or the stone fireplace which, along with the large windows, help attract the outside space.

Outside there is a whole series of rooms that are intended to gently and organically expand the interior areas and invite residents outside. This includes terraces and covered porches that extend around the house, as well as a separate area next to the house. There is a large sunken seating area out here embedded in the wooden deck and next to it is the swimming pool, which is above the ground and level with the deck. We should also mention that everything was planned to include existing trees as well as the beautiful topography of the land.

The interior design is simple and focused on comfort and convenience. You can see a lot of natural wood in different colors in the decor, some concrete, glass and metal, which make the rooms look more contemporary and create an incomparable ambience.

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