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Unique Outdoor Furniture

Looking for unique patio furniture? Then believe me, you will not find anything special than the collection we are sharing today!

The French furniture brand Mojow has created a beautiful, bright and cool furniture collection for a modern space. It’s so unusual because it uses inflatable materials! The brand opted for an outdoor furniture collection that didn’t include pillows, which are usually difficult to pack and can be difficult to find space for. Pack the inflatables and voila flat!

The collection consists of wooden and metal bases. The inflatables are available in different colors – black, red, green, pink and can also be transparent – in neutral colors or in various light shades. You can personalize the furniture even more – these inflatables are big enough to fill them with different things! You can try anything from pompoms to receipts, it’s pretty easy and fun. What would you say to rock such state-of-the-art and bold furniture in your outdoor areas?

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