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Unique Home Decor Ideas

We all have these places in our house that we can never really decorate because they are too small or configured so strangely that we just don’t know what to do with them. Here are some tips and solutions for every little corner of your home that can help save space and make every tiny point cozier and cooler.

  1. In front of tall windows: add some green house plants. In addition, choose furniture that does not obstruct natural light, such as countertops. B. a bench with narrow legs, or create a reading nook with lots of natural light by adding an upholstered chair with a narrow profile.
  2. A small or nonexistent landing: hang a gallery wall. There are many ways to create one yourself. This could be your family pictures, your favorite picture or your pictures mixed with different pieces of art. Place a large mirror, a small ottoman that can be built into the wall, or something else.
  3. Under a staircase: implementing thousands of storage ideas. You can add some drawers to store whatever you want, use open shelving to display cool things, set up a closet, pantry, home office corner, laundry, wine cellar, or library. It all depends on how much space you have and what you can afford.

  4. Behind the sofa: display a collection. Have some new family pictures printed and arrange the frames on a narrow coffee table or collect small souvenirs from your travels and display them as a conversation starter collection!
  5. Small kitchen wall or corner: Install matching shelves and use them as space to display your most beautiful dishes or cool kitchen gadgets. Make your own baking or beverage mixing station if there is enough space.

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