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Unique Bold Designers Residence

Designer, artist and architect houses are my favorite candy because they are usually the most creative and unique. Creative people tend to have their home reflecting on themselves and they look amazing, and the home we share today is one of them.

For Gengbo, the design director of YHDQ Design, the memories and signs of his worldwide travels were the central inspiration for the renovation of his home in Chongqing, China. Working with an original structure of two lofts, Gengbo removed most of the walls to transform the space into an open and light-filled home where the owner’s artwork and insights could take center stage.

The room’s ethereal dark green tones are paired with a muted white palette for an overall minimalist look. For the interior, colors with low saturation were chosen to evoke a creative and spiritual mood. Gengbo then added additional furniture from Loewe, Foscarini, Mustach, Roche Bobois and Baxter.

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