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Ultra Minimalist Chalet

Poisson Blanc is a minimalist residence in Laurentides, Canada designed by _naturehumaine. The overall design of the chalet was determined by the topography against which the project was to be anchored. The sloping terrain is surrounded by natural beauty and lots of snow in winter.

The architects wanted to reduce the space required on the site through a compact and geometrically simple design. The result is a square floor plan crowned with a symmetrical gable roof. From the inside, the roof, supported by exposed beams, creates vertical depth. The cross-section of the roof was also inspired by the name of the nearby lake, which evokes both the skeleton of a fish and its flawless color. The architects optimized the space by creating compact spaces and grouping services.

The interior is ultra-minimalist and features a restrained color palette that colors in harmony with the exterior. The ceilings are provided with cool wooden beams that match in color. Narrow and tall windows bring in plenty of natural light and allow the view to be enjoyed. The walls are white to keep the rooms light and airy.

A picture window in the kitchen and dining area is a great idea, it’s a window onto nature. The furniture is contemporary and very laconic, the storage solutions are very simple and there are some geometric details that make the rooms more eye-catching. Take a look at the pictures of this adorable chalet and get inspired to steal some ideas!

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