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Two Toned Kitchen Designs

Two-tone kitchens were popular somewhere a long time ago and are now making a big comeback. This is a stylish way to incorporate colors that you like into your kitchen decor. Also, the upper cabinets will be light and the lower ones will be dark which will give your space an ethereal and light look. There are many different styles and color combinations to choose from. Let’s look at the best ideas that you can try.

Two-tone cabinets

Such kitchens are designed to play with colors and contrasts. So don’t hesitate to choose the colors that you like! Red and white, navy and white, emerald and gold, gray and white, black and white – there are thousands of combinations you can try! I would say the most popular combination is white and some shade of gray – when gray is dark you get a cool contrast, when gray is light – you get an ethereal space. furnish your kitchen the style you choose – if it’s a modern space, don’t use knobs or handles and keep the cabinets sleek. If it’s a mid-century modern space, a cool geometric backsplash is your thing and of course metallic details go with any style and color – what a great idea to add chic to the kitchen!

Two-tone cabinets with wood

Another trendy idea is two-tone kitchens with wooden cabinets – the top or bottom are made of wood or plywood, and the second row is colored. You can opt for dark-stained or light-colored wood, or bold wood tones – it’s up to you, and every sleek cabinet in every color contrasts the wood. Black, white, navy, emerald, orange, mint, or any other color is welcome. It depends on the look you want and the style you choose. For modern spaces, more vivid contrasts are better: black and light wood, wood and white, mint and dark-stained wood, and so on. For vintage rooms you prefer pastel and white tones as well as strong wood tones.

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