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Turquoise White Kids Bathroom

If you have a kid’s bathroom and you don’t know how to decorate it, it is a brilliant idea for you! It’s with a right amount of adult features and childish touch, right in the middle between those two – exactly what we need for a space like this.

Brio Interior Design helped its clients create a fun, quirky, kid-friendly bathroom that the whole family can enjoy! The quirkiest touch is an adorable Blowfish wallcovering that sets the tone for the entire room. There is also a large turquoise vanity with four compartments and a white countertop, as well as matching storage units with open shelves. Such vanity is enough for two people at the same time, and it’s great having two kids there.

You can see a comfy bathtub with a built-in shelf above and a shower with a window and glass doors. Both functions are kept in white and match the blue + turquoise + white decor. The cheerful and fresh bathroom decor is fantastic for kids’ bath time and adults who enjoy designing.

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