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Turquoise Bathroom Decor Ideas

Turquoise is a beautiful color, a combination of green and blue that offers the advantages of both colors: it has a calming and relaxing effect like blue and cheerful and stress-relieving like green. Such a color is absolutely perfect for a bedroom or bathroom, especially the latter, where touches and hints of the sea and ocean are very popular. Let’s see how you can incorporate this vibrant shade into your bathroom and keep it stylish.

Turquoise walls

Turquoise walls are a very popular idea for bathrooms, and this is where you can choose an entire bathroom with such walls, or just two, or one statement wall. Turquoise tiles are really gorgeous and come in all kinds of colors and textures so you can create any look you want. Another great and bold idea is to paint walls and give them a Moroccan look on plaster of paris. If you want a more modern look, go for turquoise tiles that cover half of the wall and white paint for the second half. Do you want to create a more oceanic feel? Go for turquoise fish scale tiles, nothing is more eye-catching and beautiful than that. Mark the shower with a turquoise tile wall or walls, or mark the sink area, try dressing up the wall and cover the bathtub too.

Turquoise colored furniture and furnishings

If you want to add a slightly bold touch to bathroom decor, rocking a turquoise piece of furniture or faucet is a good idea. Repaint an old apothecary cabinet or vintage vanity unit in turquoise and add this piece to the room. It’s sure to make a statement and add bolder and wow to the room, even if there aren’t any other turquoise details. A turquoise sink or bathtub is another chic idea to rock, it’s a cool, bright touch to rock, and there are plenty of ideas to try. If you can’t find a proper bathtub, just paint a turquoise vintage bathtub yourself.

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