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Tropical Patio Balcony Designs

Even if you’re not leaving for tropical areas, you can always add a touch of decor to your outdoor space, whether it’s a patio, deck, balcony, or small deck. We have prepared some ideas to make this decor and style stand out in your outdoor spaces. Let’s get started!

Neutral tropical outdoor spaces

Neutral colors are very popular for the design of tropical spaces, as the lush tropical flora and fauna are bright and create a strong contrast to neutral colors. In addition, neutral shades do not heat up too much and reflect sunlight. Rocking an all-white outdoor space is a great idea – just combine it with rattan furniture and basket lampshades for a relaxed feel. Add wicker planters and decorative baskets to the wall and freshen up your outdoor space with greenery and tropical plants. Hanging furniture gives the room a relaxed feel, and woven candle lanterns make it glow gently at night. Try butterfly chairs, wooden furniture with rough and living edges, and hang up some Moroccan lanterns to make your space very welcoming.

Colorful tropical outdoor spaces

Bright colors and everything that has to do with boho is also about tropical spaces. So if you love bright shades, feel free to rock them. You can take neutral rattan furniture and decorate it with colorful pillows and rugs, add wicker and woven elements to give the room a relaxed tropical feel. Rock as many tropical plants as you can in pots, or even grow them in space. You can also add bright tropical chairs and colorful flamingos for a traditional tropical look and even make a mosaic tile floor for a bolder look.

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