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Trendy Minimalist Solid Glass Kitchen Backsplashes

The glass backsplash trend is spreading like wildfire over kitchen remodeling for good reason. Glass back walls are not only slim, modern and endlessly adaptable, they are also low-maintenance, inexpensive, easy to clean and very versatile. Whether your style is classic or bold, neutral or loud, a glass backsplash with endless options for texture, hue, design and size makes it a lovely addition to any kitchen. When choosing the color and texture of your glass backsplash, it’s important to find an option that will stand up to the ups and downs of fashion. The color can be painted back onto clear glass so that your backsplash matches your current kitchen color scheme. Frosted glass, patterned glass, opaque glass, or clear glass layered over patterned wallpaper are alternative looks. Get inspired!

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