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Trendy Headboards

Even if you have a very basic bed with no headboard, you can always add it to the bed or attach it directly to the wall as a decorative feature. If you’re looking to buy a new bed and are looking for a bed with a chic headboard or are ready to make a headboard of your dream yourself, here are the trendiest and boldest ideas that will instantly take your bedroom to a new level.

Leather headboards

A leather headboard is a super trendy idea, rocky, richly tinted leather headboards for a modern feel – such a headboard adds color and texture to the room. A woven headboard is even trendier and bolder – whatever color you choose it will add a lot of texture. One such option is amazing for a boho or woodland bedroom, and you can DIY it.

Wood headboards

Wood is a timeless material to use as a decoration, and there are tons of ideas to try. You can try a reclaimed wooden herringbone headboard – stain, whitewash, or even paint each piece of wood a different color. It can be a sleek headboard that goes all the way up to the ceiling to make a statement and that you can attach floating bedside tables to. One of the hottest ideas is a wooden headboard with a live edge. It’s a natural statement for a modern space that instantly gives the room a hot touch.

Upholstered headboards

Upholstered headboards never go out of style, especially tufted headboards. For a more modern feel, go for an oversized one in a bold color. A simpler and slimmer padded headboard is another cool and fresh idea. Choose a jewelry shade that goes with your decor so that you get a colorful statement too.

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