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Trendy Fireplaces

There is nothing that can add coziness to the room than a fireplace, regardless of your interior. In autumn and winter, a fireplace is a dream – it will definitely gather everyone around it. If you don’t have a fireplace yet and want one for this winter, here are some trends that you can incorporate into your space to give it an edgy look.

Double sided chimneys

A double-sided fireplace means that you will have a cozy and welcoming feeling not only in one room, but also in two or even three rooms. Such a piece can be used to divide rooms or to add coziness and a welcoming feel to an open space. You can design it any way – with brick, stone, metal, concrete and other things that give it a look that suits your space and add timeless coziness that fire always brings with it.

Minimalist built-in fireplaces

Make a bold statement in your space with a minimalist built-in fireplace that looks totally sleek and very chic. Make it very sleek and very elegant to suit your minimalist or modern space and choose simple and sleek materials, avoiding structural stones and bricks, which are commonly used for fireplaces. If you want to add more coziness and feel that a super sleek built-in fireplace isn’t enough, choose a stylish built-in firewood storage next to it.

Fireplaces with glass cladding

A glazed fireplace is a big trend, whether it is double-sided or built-in – it is trendy. Opt for a large glass-clad fireplace in the center of the room, a built-in sleek fireplace, or just add a glass hood to the fireplace and add a firewood storage next to it for coziness. Impressive!

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