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Trending Elements Refresh Decor

If you are planning a renovation or freshening up your home and unsure of what to choose or add, this roundup is for you. We have put together some trendy decor and design elements that will make your home appear modern and bold. Are you ready to take your décor to a new level? Let’s go!

Tropical prints

A tropical print creates a summery feel that works well all year round, not just in the warmer months. That’s why it’s so timeless and so hot in the decor. You can add it in a number of ways: make a meaningful wallpaper wall, add pillows, curtains or rugs, opt for tropical print bedding, or try upholstery.

Subway tiles

Subway tiles have a classic element that is perfect for those who want a neutral space with a modern twist. They work well anywhere and there are currently many shades and finishes: from traditional white to green to marble effects.

Freestanding tubs

A cool freestanding bathtub immediately gives your bathroom a modern feel, no matter whether it is large or small and in whatever shape. Highlight it with decor: some backsplashes from different tiles, side tables, tieres, carpets and much more.

Check printing

Checkered decor isn’t just about Christmas! Checkered accents look timeless, especially when combined with the right elements and warming the room, making it much more inviting. You can add this print with pillows, carpets, bedding, table runners, a statement wall or piece of furniture and it will add ultimate coziness to your space.

Hardwood floors

Many people will regret adding carpet as their main flooring source. One floor option that nobody regrets is wood floors. Hardwood floors are classic and go with all if not all decor styles. Use dark hardwood floors if you want a timeless look or blonde wood if you want to add a contemporary twist. Go for neutral or mottled ones to enjoy the texture and look of real wood.

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